Week 6 (July 31th – August 6th 2017)

Today marks the sixth week of the 12 week training program I’ve started to try and improve my fitness prior to the Chicago Marathon later in the year. This week was a decent week as well on par with last week with an average of 12,186 steps (at the time of writing!) for a total of 85,302.

I think for the coming week I’m going to dial it back a bit as my left knee is starting to feel a bit sore and I’ve started to have to ice it after running.

Week 6 Summary

If you didn’t notice my VO2 max increased this week from 45 to 46! I wasn’t expecting to see that increase so fast but hopefully the training is having a good effect. Only time we will once I get back to US and do the first race (which is a 10-mile towards the end of September).

As well, at the time of writing I’m winning the 70k challenge but I’m sure somebody will come in later and scoop up the top spot!

70k challenge

This week also saw a new lactate threshold being set which is essentially the main goal of this training, to improve the VO2 max and the lactate threshold.

Lactate Threshold

Basically what this says is, if I run with a heartrate of no more than 164bpm I should be able to sustain that pace for the most amount of time without feeling tired or sore. My goal would be to get this down to a 5min/km pace to have any chance of running a 3 hour 30 minute marathon.

That’s all for this week.