Week 5 (July 24th – July 30th 2017)

Today marks the fifth week of the 12 week training program I’ve started to try and improve my fitness prior to the Chicago Marathon later in the year. This week I was back into the swing of things managing to get an average of 12,273 steps in each day for a total of 85,910. If it wasn’t for the massive storm on Friday I would have probably reached over 100,000 as I had to skip walking back from the hospital.

No change this week in the VO2 Max and I was able to get about 1000 active calories on average through the week.

Summary for week 5

Progress Summary for Week 5

Looking at the progress summary for this week I completed 11 activities (walking and running) for a total of 53.51km burning 4,426 calories. Hopefully that’s enough to generate a calorie deficit of 1kg weight loss!

Count: 11 Activities
Distance: 53.51 km
Time: 7:47:51 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 867 m
Avg Speed: 6.9 km/h
Avg HR: 122 bpm
Avg Run Cadence: 62 spm
Calories: 4,426 C

70k step challenge

Looks like I’m going to come 4th in this weeks 70k step challenge – I need to up my game next week so I can return to being #1 again!

That’s all for this week.