Week 3 (July 10th – July 16th 2017)

Today marks the third week of the 12 week training program I’ve started to try and improve my fitness prior to the Chicago Marathon later in the year. Overall this week a little bit less than last week because on most of Friday and Saturday were spent doing the most amazing thing – my daughter was born! Anna Lay born on the 15th of July at 3:28pm weighing a big 3.87kg (8lb 33oz!).

Both mum and baby are doing well but the sleep graph below on Friday night explains a lot about the 36 hour process. Amazing job by my wife to endure the entire process without any pain medication (thanks Japan hospitals). No sleep at all on Friday night, followed by 11 and a half hours sleep on Sunday.


Still was able to keep the daily average steps over 10,000 and was able to increase my VO2 Max up from 44 to 45.

This coming week is going to be less than usual with little training because I’ve got more important things to be doing!

That’s all for this week.