Week 2 (July 3rd – July 9th 2017)

Today marks the second week of the 12 week training program I’ve started to try and improve my fitness prior to the Chicago Marathon later in the year.

Overall a great week with Wednesday being the biggest day where I did a 2 hour walk to Empeiji Temple and clocking in 29,877 steps with 2185 active calories which included a steady run for 20 minutes in zone 2, then 20 minutes in zone 3 and finish with 10 minutes in zone 4.







This week was a pretty intensive week where I did a total of 126,039 steps increasing my daily average to 18,006.

Active Calories


My aim to to get at least 500 active calories a day (One of the ways to do this is waking up every day at 5am and going for a 1 hour walk).

VO2 Max


Slight increase in my VO2 Max from 43 to 44 this week so all in all a decent weeks worth of effort.

That’s all for this week.